A.K.A "fil", art has been a core part of life since my earliest days. Creating art in a variety of different styles, using different processes, demonstrating versatility while maintaining consistency and striving to have fun while doing so is my goal. Helping others visualize or create visuals for their ideas is my greatest passion. 

For the first two thirds of my journey, I was self taught with the exception of high school level art class. In 2000, I made my way into in the games industry working for Capcom Entertainment as a web artist, but I wanted to do more with my art. In my 30's I went on to study traditional Illustration at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco and obtained a BFA in Illustration in 2009. Since then, I've worked at two studios, GREE International Inc. and Namco Bandai (formerly Namco Networks America Inc.).

I look forward to doing much more along the way. I am currently seeking illustration and concept design freelance opportunities. If you would like to employ my creative services, contact me at philliptroia@hotmail.com. Thanks for stopping by!